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A documentary about the transformative power of compassion and art.

A knife altered the course of Roosevelt Wilkerson’s life twice. As a young man, it sent him to prison. Later, homeless and angry, he picks up a stick and begins carving. The documentary film Stickman tells incredible story of Roosevelt’s journey off the street and the transformative – and unlikely – friendships he makes along the way. Art enthusiast Carol Brewer befriends him and their relationship is the genesis of an art program for the Dallas homeless. Susan Nowlin, a Texas socialite and friend of former president George W. and Laura Bush, becomes his benefactor and helps him sell his hand-carved sticks. With Susan’s help, Roosevelt’s carvings become sought-after, reach the White House, and one is eventually gifted to Pope Benedict VI by then president George W. Bush. Stickman demonstrates that love and compassion hold no economic nor racial boundary and have the power to transform each one of us.


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